Advice from the members of Rho Chi Honor Society


Atul Dilawri

Take on the role of the teacher.

  • “I find that the best way to study is to learn new information with the expectation of having to teach it to someone else. As you go over your notes, explain the information to yourself by putting it in your own words.”  

Avoid Cramming

  • “With copious amounts of information being taught on a daily basis, things can get overwhelming. Plan ahead by re-watching lectures and reading your notes well in advance of any quiz or exam. Going over your notes at least twice will help you better understand and recall the information.”


Omar Marzouk

Know your professor

  • “Get to know your professors. Their doors are always open and they are truly the best resource we have available, whether it be for courses or even career advice. Many of them were in our seats not too long ago!”

Time Management

  • “Time management is key. It is very easy to fall behind especially when we start having two or three exams every week. Figure out what classes will require the most time and come up with a system that allows you to allocate your time in an effective manner.”