Serving the Underserved

SNPhA (Student National Pharmaceutical Association) is an educational service association of pharmacy students whom are concerned about the profession of pharmacy, healthcare issues, and the poor minority represention in these areas. The purpose of SNPhA is to plan, organize, coordinate, and execute programs geared toward the improvement of the health, educational, and social environment of minority communities.

President: Melanie Nguyen
President-elect: Taylor Latvala
Vice President: Kate Zarudna
Secretary: Omar Marzouk
Treasurer: Lisa Li
Historian: Ngan Nguyen
Fundraiser: Charles Pang
Service Chair: Alice Zheng

Initiative Chairs:

Power to End Stroke Initiative Co-Chair: Izumi Hamada
Power to End Stroke Initiative Co-Chair: Andy Tsang
Chronic Kidney Disease Co-Chair: Chris Singh
Chronic Kidney Disease Co-Chair: Matt Butler
Diabetes Co-Chair: Mayuriben Patel
Diabetes Co-Chair: Caroline Rusch
Immunization Co-Chair: Kong Yu Chen
Immunization Co-Chair: Chris Vu
Remember the Ribbon: Jean Tian and Hetal Patel
Legislative Co- Chair: Edward Lee
Legislative Co- Chair: Rachel Mesina
Faculty Advisor: Cindy Konovitz


sPring into health

At a recent health fair, SNPhA members were able to provide counseling regarding general health, diabetes and chronic kidney disease. The majority of the patients were seniors who were curious and wanted to learn more about diabetes and other conditions that they were diagnosed with. Students were able to elaborate on tips such as the plate method and carb counting. SNPhA students were also able to review medications that a group of seniors were currently on.

snpha 1.jpg

Compounding with the boys and girls club

SNPhA members held a fun compounding event with the Boys and Girls Club. We were able to make foam soap and hand-sanitizers with about 70 elementary and middle school children! In addition, SNPhA members were able to educate about pharmacist roles, poison prevention, nutrition and the importance of exercise. A huge shout-out to our service chair, Gurjot, for setting up this amazing event! And, a special thank you to Professor Reiman for all his help!


Power to end stroke

On September 14th from 11AM to 2PM, the Power to End Stroke initiative collaborated with a Tops Friendly Markets pharmacy store #213 on 1460 South Park Ave near downtown Buffalo area on raising awareness about stroke. Students were able to educate customers and shoppers about risk factors, signs/symptoms, and lifestyle changes regarding strokes. The PTES initiative presented their poster on stroke, handed out National Stroke Association informational pamphlets, and took blood pressure readings. The SNPhA participants at the event were Lisa, Vinson, Athena, Ashley, and Daniel. At the end of the wellness clinic, we were able to reach out to over ten customers in raising awareness and empowering them to end stroke.

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