Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group (PPAG)

PPAG is an organization with a focus on the pediatric population. Our goal is to educate students about the pediatric side of pharmacy. PPAG is about providing the best care for our younger patients and ensuring safe and effective administration. We also organize various events in the community to educate children and their families about important health topics.


President: Shani Thomas
Vice President: Autumn Punter
President-Elect: Gisela Canales
Secretary: Kristen D'Angelo
Treasurer: Victoria Getman
Faculty Advisor: Nicholas Fusco, PharmD

Pie Your Professor

During the Spring semester, PPAG hosted the Pie-Your-Professor event. The event provided students and faculty members the opportunity to pie their favorite professors and the PPAG executive board in the face. All proceeds from this event were donated to SKIP of NY, an organization dedicated to reduce the cost of healthcare for children that are developmentally disabled by providing them a wide range of services. Everyone had a blast and PPAG looks forward to hosting the event again for this upcoming school year.PPAG would like to thank Dr. Doloresco, Dr. Monte, Dr. Wahler, and Dr. Ramanathan for participating in the event as well as PPAG e-board members, Kimberly Gomes, Jennifer Aguilar and Shani Thomas.

Mind Your Microbiome

Working with UB’s GEM community, students are able to go into the classroom and educate the younger generations about the world of microbes. We help students grow their very own bacteria on agar plates and allow them to safely look at their masterpieces. They also learn about the importance of lab reports and what working in the sciences is like.

Health Fair

ppag photos3.png

For the past few years, PPAG has participated in a health fair held at the Matt Urban Hope Center. This fair was held for children in the Buffalo area to attend with their families where they got to play games, complete activities and learn about different areas of their health. PPAG teamed up with other UB professional schools such medical, dental, physical therapy, and UB’s GEM community to hold this interdisciplinary event. PPAG held booths where children were educated on healthy eating, fun exercise, safe medication use and many other topics.  This event is a great opportunity for our students to work with children and PPAG looks forward to organize this fair again for the upcoming year.