American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

This semester, ASCP visited the Hennepin Community Center to give a presentation on safe medication use in the elderly population. Following the presentation, they set up tables where members of the Community Center could sit down and talk about their medication lists with us. Small counseling sessions were provided to those who had questions and interaction checks on their med lists were carried out to make sure their medication therapy was optimized. They  were accompanied by Dr. Annelle Royer from the VA.


ASCP also attended an MTM Falls Risk Clinic at the Wellsville Country Club in Wellsville, NY. Drs. Robert Wahler and Erin Slazak gave presentations on medication-related falls risk and bone health. Following the presentations, five P3 students carried out full MTM sessions and gave participants their "falls risk score" along with recommendations on how to minimize their fall risk stemming from their medications. A DXA scanner was also available for participants to learn their bone mineral density.


ASCP hosted their annual Senior Prom at Brookedale Senior Living Center in Williamsville, NY. The event was a special opportunity for students to spend time with seniors and create a memorable night for them to share. A band was provided along with light snacks and refreshments. There was plenty of singing and dancing and the night concluded with the crowning of the Prom King and Queen and they led the final dance. ASCP hopes to continue growing their student support and service and is looking forward to next