Features Overview

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) is dedicated to the interests of pharmacists practicing in independent community pharmacies. NCPA’s mission is to continue the growth and success of independently owned pharmacies in America, and is committed to providing high-quality pharmacist care and promoting public health and well-being. NCPA’s student chapter at UB was formed to promote and develop students’ interests in community pharmacy practice and ownership.  


2019- 2020 Officers:
President: Michael Danilov
Vice President: Emanuel Jaffe
Treasurer: Dennis Fitzgibbon
Secretary: Katie Licata
Liaison: Madeline Garvin
Faculty Advisor: Karl Fiebelkorn

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Learn to Network Event

An event held in the fall semester in which tips and tricks for successful networking were presented by UB SPPS faculty.

NCPA National Convention

NCPA members attended the annual convention to learn about pharmacy ownership, enhanced services in community pharmacy, and attended programming such as the student business plan competition, and community pharmacy residency showcase.